Meditative Chair-Based Yoga Practices 
Healthy Mind Yoga (Moderate): 2 Short Practices (DVD)

Healthy Mind Yoga (Moderate): 2 Short Practices (DVD)

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Healthy Mind Yoga is a mindful yoga practice that includes a variety of yoga postures including those done standing, sitting, in a table position on hands and knees, or lying on one’s back or belly. The practice involves postures and movements done with a meditative awareness called mindfulness. Healthy Mind Yoga can help reduce stress and it is beneficial for both your body and mind. 

This DVD includes two practices: one 30 minutes and the other 45 minutes. Both practices are suitable for those new to yoga as well as seasoned practitioners of yoga. Corey provides complete and easy-to-follow instructions for every posture or technique. The practices in this DVD include a mix of gentle postures and movements as well as moderate stretches that involve sustaining postures for longer periods of time or moving at a slightly quicker pace. Each practice includes a centering, a series of postures and movements, a relaxation, and a meditation.

Total Running Time (approximately 75 minutes)

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