Meditative Chair-Based Yoga Practices 

Taking Action

Being able to identify your values or being fully aware of the things in life you care about allows you to then take action and act in ways each day that bring meaning and purpose to your life. If you have not already looked through the section of this website about clarifying values, it is suggested that you do so. Clarifying your values is a key step that can assist you in taking action and living well. 

Values are like a lighthouse guiding you towards where you want to go in life. Values or the principles in life you care about give you direction for how you want to live.

Remember that your values are things your are constantly working towards and living by. You cannot really permanently achieve your values or complete them fully. Each day and each moment of your life is an opportunity to continue living by your values. 

In order to take action to live by your values, it can be helpful to think about the following questions:

What actions can I take in my life to live by my values? 

Perhaps you are already doing a lot of things in your life that are in accordance with your values. If that is the case, it may be helpful to simply remind yourself that you care about these things so that you can continue to act according to your values. Or you may want to think about whether you would perhaps like to do these things more often then you are. 

If you made a list of the 10 things in life that you value or care about the most, it is suggested to write down 3 or more concrete actions that you would like to take in your life (or actions you would like to continue to do or do more of) in order to live by each value. Make another list of your 10 values and under each value write 3 or more concrete actions that you would like to take. 

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